Image The Department works on  books and articles  regarding  the topic of Real-estate and participates in  the studies carried out  by  universities, institutes, associations, foundations and platforms in this regard.  Our publications such as Orman Hukuku ve 2B and 100 Soruda Kentsel Dönüşüm were prepared  by our lawyers in this department.
Our Real-estate Law Department participates in and contributes to the research and scientific studies of the Institute of Real-estate Law. 


·         Actions for cancellation of title deed
·         Actions for objection to and cancellation of zoning plan
·         Cadastral and 2B-forestry actions
·         Expropriation actions
·         Actions for Confiscating without Expropriation (legal act)
·         Contracts and Actions for Construction in return for Flat
·         Actions for Pre-emption and Partititon
·         Rent and Adequate Pay Actions
·         Actions for Urban Transformation
·         Actions under Property Ownership Law
·         Committee Actions for Cultural and Natural Assets


·         Construction Agreements in return for Land Share
·         Construction Agreements by Revenue Sharing Method
·         Issuance of Amendment to Plan
·         Objections related with Cultural and Natural Assets (Protected Area) and Evaluation of them
·         Project Consultancy in Urban Transformation Law
·         Consultancy on Building Estate Management
·         Contractorship Agreements
·         Issuance of Forms and Contracts arising from the Real-estate Consumer Law
·         Leases
·         Issuance of Management Plan of Major Projects